Pipe and Manhole

Hauling pre-cast concrete pipe is something LeFebvre Companies has been doing for over 70 years. It's who we are and it's what we know. When we haul a load of pipe, your customer is our customer. We view ourselves as an extension of the company we're hauling for and we take great pride in making them look good. With over 100 of the cleanest tractors in trucking, our drivers turn heads when pulling on to the job site. We have the largest fleet of custom built sloped flatbed "pipe" trailers in the Midwest, with rear mounted hydraulic unloaders in which our drivers can safely self- unload up to 25,000 lbs to handle customers heaviest demands.


LeFebvre Companies operates a large number of hydraulic, center mounted boom trailers to transport and unload a variety of concrete manhole products or smaller to medium sized pipe products to meet individual customers needs. Our experienced boom operators take a lot of pride in what they do and in getting customers product to exactly where the contractor needs it to go. LeFebvre Companies also provide a trailer mounted hydraulic cable crane service. This allows us to load or unload structures and other heavier products, of up to 20 tons. that contractors may other wise need to schedule an expensive crane, saving our customers money and valuable time.