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We are a company that began in 1928 when Noel LeFebvre bought his own truck to help around the farm, and soon found out that many in his community needed assistance hauling items such as livestock and farm equipment.

These odd jobs grew until it was clear with Noel’s hard work ethic and charismatic personality, that there was a business in the making. Soon he started hauling for his first commercial customer, Elk River Concrete Products. A partnership that after three generations still stands today.

The end of WWII brought many changes, including Noel’s sons Eddie, Leon and Gene joining the company and continuing on the tradition of superior service and valued partnerships. LeFebvre Companies incorporated in 1960, bringing another generation, Leon’s three sons Paul, Chuck, and John into ownership. Each generation has held fast to the hard work, pride and knowledge of those before them, while expanding the vision and services already provided. Such service expansions have included hauling bridge beams, road freight, heavy equipment, and bulk cement.

Today, we are still providing specialized service and continuing the invaluable partnerships we started over 90 plus years ago, while expanding and growing our operations and services to meet the needs of the future.

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